Germany, Switzerland 2016 – Director: Werner Penzel – Original language: English, German, Japanese – Subtitles: English

“Zen is absolutely no use.” In search of bliss, people from around the world take refuge in the secluded Antaiji zen monastery in western Japan and try to find themselves. There they can expect hard physical labour, sitting for hours and struggling with their own thoughts. Unsentimental and revealing – a film meditation.

Writer: Werner Penzel in Zusammenarbeit mit Ayako Mogi, Sabine Timoteo. Camera: Werner Penzel. Sound: Ayako Mogi. Editing: Ayako Mogi. Music: Fred Frith. Production: Recycled TV, Werner Penzel Filmproduktion. Producer: Peter Guyer, Madeleine Corbat, Werner Penzel. Length: 100 min. International Sales: Zorro Film

#Lifestyles and Spirituality #Asia