Afghanistan, New Zealand 2015 – Director: Pietra Brettkelly – Original language: Dari – Subtitles: English

A dedicated archivist and a courageous cameraman recover film material from a hangar in Afghanistan. Piece by piece, as the celluloid is restored, cultural identity is reconstructed. A visual encounter with the history of a nation.

Writer: Pietra Brettkelly. Camera: Jacob Bryant. Sound: Dick Reade. Editing: Nicolas Chaudeurge, Irena Dol, Margot Francis, Ken Sparks, Jacob Secher Schulsinger, Cinzia Baldessari, Cushla Dillon. Music: Benjamin Wallfisch. Production: PBK Limited. Producer: Pietra Brettkelly. Length: 91 min. International Sales: The Film Sales Company

#Middle East #Cineastes #History and Coming to terms with the Past