Czech Republic, Germany 2015 – Director: Gilad Baram – Original language: Arabic, English, Hebrew – Subtitles: English

Gilad Baram offers us backstage access to a world-famous photo journalist and, at the same time, subtly and through the formal sobriety of Josef Koudelka’s images, shows us the absurdity of drawing a boundary between Israel and Palestine.

English/Original Title: KOUDELKA SHOOTING HOLY LAND. Writer: Gilad Baram, Elisa Purfürst. Camera: Gilad Baram. Sound: Sebastian Morsch. Editing: Elisa Purfürst. Music: Tobias Purfürst. Production: Nowhere films, Produckze Radim Prochazka. Producer: Gilad Baram. Length: 72 min. International Sales: Wide House.

#Politics and Society #Eastern Europe/Russia #Middle East #Art and Photography