Germany 2019 – Director: Bertram Verhaag – Original language: German

An agriculture that does without poisons and monocultural excesses? Munich director Bertram Verhaag shows eight farmers who have devoted themselves with courage and passion to a different kind of agriculture: Out of respect for nature.

Writer: Bertram Verhaag. Camera: Waldemar Hauschild, Gerald Fritzen,Stefan Schindler. Sound: Marcus von Kleist, Zoltan Ravasz. Editing: Corinna Lösel, Verena Schönauer, Uwe Klimmek. Music: Florian Moser,Erwin Rehling. Production: Denkmalfilm Verhaag GmbH. Producer: Bertram Verhaag. Length: 86 min. Distribution: noch keinen

#The future of the planet