Germany, Israel 2019 – Director: Itamar Rose – Original language: English, Hebrew – Subtitles: English

Itamar Rose sets out to discover the recipe for YouTube success. Supposedly, anyone can go viral. In his own attempt, the Israeli satirical activist and ineffective content creator comes up against gatekeepers and power monopolies: in short, anything but a democratic environment.

We present the German premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.

Writer: Itamar Rose. Camera: Avner Shahaf, Tomer Sluztky. Sound: Yossi Appelbaum. Editing: Yaron Livne, Itai Onik. Music: Eli Surani. Production: Tal Bard, Noam Pinchas. Producer: Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas. Length: 60 min.

#Brave new digital world