Canada, Germany 2019 – Director: Mirjam Leuze – Original language: english – Subtitles: german

The remaining residents of the First Nation settlement on Canada’s rough east coast have a profound relationship with nature, in particular whales. Two researchers, Janie Wray and Hermann Meuter, share the spirituality of the indigenous people. A moving filmic message from whales to humans.

Writer: Mirjam Leuze. Camera: Athan Merrick, Mirjam Leuze, Simon Schneider. Drohne: Mike Dinsmore. Unterwasser-Kamera: Tavish Campbell. Sound: Brent Calkin, Millar Montgomery,Tyler Lucas. Sound Design/Mischung: Andreas Hildebrandt. Editing: Sandra Brandl. Music: Jesse Zubot. Production: busse & halberschmidt. Producer: Marcelo Busse. Length: 101 min. International Sales: National Film Board of Canada Distribution Distribution: Mindjazz Pictures

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