Deutschland 2018 – Director: Susanne Mi-Son Quester & Mieko Azuma – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

Five people tell us why they had to leave their homeland as children and what it was like for them to start anew in Germany.

English/Original Title: WHY I AM HERE. German title: WARUM ICH HIER BIN. Co-Director: Mieko Azuma. Writer: Mieko Azuma, Susanne Mi-Son Quester. Camera: Mieko Azuma. Sound: Susanne Mi-Son Quester. Editing: Melanie Jilg. Music: Flurin Mück (Percussion), Cornelia Böhm (Sound Design). Production: Latteyer Film. Producer: Wolfgang Latteyer. Length: 65 min.

#Strokes of fate and self-determination #DOK.4teens