Netherlands 2017 – Director: Marjolein Busstra – Original language: Arabic, Dutch, Spanish – Subtitles: English

What is more provocative? Carla, a Dutch woman, covering herself with an abaya and headscarf or the 30-year age difference between her and her young husband Fouad? Is this about culture, religion or gender roles? An amusing love story that defies sweeping generalisations.


German title: ICH LIEBE MEINEN MUSLIM. Writer: Marjolein Busstra. Camera: Marjolein Busstra, Joost Knol. Sound: Rebekka van Hartskamp. Editing: Rebekka van Hartskamp, Paul de Heer. Music: Benjamin Fro & Gianni Futon. Production: Interakt, Lege Fles. Producer: Mira Mendel & Rene Mendel, Lege Fles. Length: 52 min.

#Love will find us