Estonia 2016 – Director: Zosya Rodkevich – Original language: Russian – Subtitles: English

A personal portrait of Boris Nemtsov, one of the leaders of the Russian opposition and a well-known Putin critic who was shot on 27th February 2015 on a bridge not far from the Kremlin – to this day the case remains unsolved.

English/Original Title: MOI DRUG BORIS NEMTSOV. Writer: Zosya Rodkevich. Camera: Zosya Rodkevich, Pavel Kostomarov, Maria Pavlova, Ksenia Yelian. Sound: Zosya Rodkevich. Editing: Zosya Rodkevich. Production: Marx Film. Producer: Alexander Rastorguev, Pavel Kostomarov, Maria Gavrilova, Max Tuula. Length: 70 min. International Sales: Antipode Sales & Distribution

#Eastern Europa / Russia #Politics and Current Affairs