France, Palestine, Switzerland 2017 – Director: Raed Andoni – Original language: Various – Subtitles: English

Former inmates recreate the Israeli interrogation centre, Moscobiya, as a backdrop against which they re-enact their experiences. Between role-play and reality they reveal the stigmata of torture and traumatisation. An intensive film experiment.

English/Original Title: ISTIYAD ASBAHA. Writer: Raed Andoni. Camera: Camille Cottagnoud. Sound: Nicolas Becker, Olivier Claude. Editing: Gladys Joujou. Production: Les Films de Zayna, Dar Films, Akka Films. Producer: Palmyre Badinier und Nicolas Wadimoff, Philippe Coeytaux, Raed Andoni. Length: 94 min. International Sales: Urban Distribution

#Literature, Dance and Theater #Middle East #Politics and Current Affairs