Deutschland 2003 – Director: Kai Schröter, Jens Utzt – Original language: German – Subtitles: dt./engl.


Grünthal – a small village in the heart of the Bavarian province of Upper Palatinate. Sounds of hammering emerge from a small garage at the village border. Max, 21, and Flo, 22, are working on two vehicles which on first sight appear like two oversized Matchbox cars from outer space. These are the final preparations for the Bavarian Stock Car championship which is coming up soon. Flo must defend his title while Max wants to win with his team in a different racing class. Claudia, 35, house-wife and mother of four children, is also looking forward to the season with excitement. She is the underdog [d.h., sie gilt als Verliererin des Rennens. Stimmt das?] in the women’s racing class.

They all drive for the Stock Car Club Grünthal, one of fifty Bavarian racing associations. They are all looking for the same sensation of freedom and an extreme kick, to let it all out during the race.

"I always say: the worst that can happen is to fly, as your seatbelts are fastened. Many people think it’s dangerous. But that’s not true. Stock car racing is the safest sport of all." (A female stock car driver)

Writer: Kai Schröter, Jens Utzt. Camera: Kai Schröter, Jens Utzt, Florian Ennberger. Sound: Kai Schröter, Jens Utzt, Florian Ennberger. Editing: Christian Lonk, Kai Schröter. Music: Martin Kegelmaier. Production: Up´n Land Produktionsfirma. Producer: Kai Schröter. Length: 45 Minuten min.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2004
Mo 10.05. 21.00 Gasteig VSB