Austria, Germany, Israel 2011 – Director: David Fisher – Original language: Hebrew – Subtitles: English

Joseph’s Fisher’s memoirs are only found by his children after he has passed away. They all refuse to read them and to deal with them, apart from David, the filmmaker, for whom the father’s accounts set the course for a long journey. He finds it difficult to cope with being alone under the influence of his father’s survival story and in an attempt not to break under the pressure, David persuades both his brothers and his sister to accompany him on his journey into his father’s past. In a pitch dark tunnel that was once part of the Austrian concentration camp, Gusen II, where their father was forced as a prisoner into unimaginably tough physical labour, the four siblings struggle to comprehend what all this horror and suffering means for their personal family history. Ulrike Heikaus

Writer: David Fisher. Camera: Ronen Mayo, Claudio Steinberg, Ronen Schechner. Sound: Amos Zipori, Frank Kubitsky, Sound design: Gil Toren. Editing: Hadas Ayalon. Production: Fisher Features. Producer: n.a.. Length: 97 min. Main Competition 2012
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    Atelier 1
    Hebrew original with English subtitles
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    Hebrew original with English subtitles