Tunesien 2002 – Director: Hichem Ben Ammar – Original language: französisch und arabisch – Subtitles: English


"Those who don't know the power of the sea just have to drink the water. It's bitter and salty. I love this taste and I know what I'm talking about. The sea is like a father to me. And when it grows angry and when it rebukes me for not working properly, I tense my body and face it. I say to myself: Come on! God is with you!" A Fisherman from Cape Bon, Tunisia

English/Original Title: Raïs Labhar, O! Captain of the seas .... German title: Und gib uns einen guten Fang!. Writer: Hichem Ben Ammar. Camera: Anne Closset, Mohammed Magraoui, Nabil Daidi, Chaker Ben Yahmed. Sound: Taoufik Fattouch. Editing: Larbi Ben Ali. Music: Maïz. Production: Cinq sur Cinq Productions. Producer: n/a. Length: 45 min.

Aspects of Future (2002-2004) 2003
MAXIM Mo 5.5. 18.00