D 2005 – Director: Martin H. Schmitt – Original language: German


Tobias is a nonconformist, absolutely crazy about onions and a sex maniac. He is above all a master in the fine art of surviving as an outsider in the clean and polished conventional city of Munich. Pornotalk is a long-term study, the portrait of a man who loves with every single part of himself and always gets himself entangled in the twists and turns of life. Tobias dreams of being a sultan with many wives around him. But his unbridled lust is mostly subjected to rejection from the women’s world. Tobias’ carousel of life rotates through the songs he writes, his visits to the brothel, and his voluntary stays at the psychiatric clinic. For a living he collects bottles with refundable deposits. Tobias still has a lot to learn. Behind his constant lust, he used to conceal his disappointment that his affections were not reciprocated. He only truly feels himself when sitting in front of his piano composing his no-frills blues songs: "Onions, o yeah / Onions are very wonderful / a nutriment / that directly leads to copulation ".

Writer: Martin H. Schmitt. Camera: Martin H. Schmitt. Sound: Martin H. Schmitt. Editing: Martin H. Schmitt. Music: Tobias. Production: Martin H. Schmitt. Producer: Martin H. Schmitt. Length: 44 min.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2006
  • Friday
    Carl-Amery-Saal, Gasteig
    German version