Germany, South Africa 2009 – Director: Stefanie Brockhaus & Andy Wolff – Original language: Xhosa – Subtitles: English

Two young brothers, Bongani and Lucky, do what they can to get by and to retain a scrap of dignity in their township near Cape Town. Tragically, during a disagreement someone gets killed and both of them end up in jail. Inside the prison walls there is a ruthless hierarchy, which all newcomers must accept. It is a tough lesson for the two of them. Temporarily released on bail, they then face a test of a completely different nature: the traditional initiation ritual of their tribe. To the elders this ceremony is of great importance and they celebrate it with reverence but the young people do little more than participate. This is a film about two young men caught between generations - between tradition and modernity - in South Africa.

English/Original Title: On The Other Side Of Life. German title: Die andere Seite des Lebens - zwei Brüder aus den Township. Camera: Andy Wolff, Stefanie Brockhaus. Sound: Marc Parisotto. Editing: Andy Wolff, Stefanie Brockhaus, Ulrike Tortora. Production: Brockhaus/Wolff. Producer: Andy Wolff / Stefanie Brockhaus. Length: 88 min. International Sales: autlook filmsales

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