Germany 2015 – Director: Anna Frances Ewert, Falk Müller – Original language: Bulgarian – Subtitles: English

Nadeshda is one of Bulgaria’s biggest Roma ghettos: a closed town within a town.  The place has its own particular rules and problems and there are few chances to escape. We follow three children, Misho, Zorka and Tsveti, on a journey through the ghetto, learning to play the violin in a music project or somehow coming to terms with living in a garage. Yet they dream of a future beyond the ghetto and most of all beyond ostracism and prejudice.

Writer: Anna Ewert, Falk Müller. Camera: Pius Neumaier. Sound: Anna Ewert, Falk Müller. Editing: Robert Vakily, Tobias Beul. Production: HFF München. Producer: Isabelle Bertolone für HFF München. Length: 48 min.

#Eastern Europe

Student Award 2015
  • Monday
    HFF - Kino 1
    English subtitles