Germany 2011 – Director: Diana Näcke – Original language: German, Turkish – Subtitles: English

“I have such anger inside me,” admits 17-year-old Kübra. She is the epitome of a serious offender and states, without any remorse, that she is doing time for armed robbery, GBH and sexual assault. In jail she crosses paths with 36-year-old Salema, whose life has been marked by civil war, violence and drugs. The film closely follows the two of them – and the disillusioned prison director – over three years in prison and after their release. Kübra and Salema, despite all their dreams, become quickly overwhelmed by drug intoxication and their aggression-filled reality. “This shitty freedom makes me so tired!” explains Salema. Imprisonment takes many forms.

English/Original Title: My Freedom, Your Freedom. Writer: Diana Näcke. Camera: Diana Näcke, Susanne Schüle, Roger von Heereman. Sound: Yannic Herrmannsdörfer. Editing: Inge Schneider. Music: Masha Qrella, Bruder & Kronstädta, Justine Electra. Production: TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion GmbH&Co.KG. Producer: Gerd Haag. Length: 84 min. International Sales: TAG / TRAUM Distribution: Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH.

DOK.deutsch Wettbewerb 2012
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    German original with English subtitles
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    German original with English subtitles