Deutschland 2002 – Director: Fabian Feiner – Original language: German


Marieluise Fleißer: Not a bit dusty. Her subjects: Sexuality, violence and the battle of the sexes. Marieluise Fleißer was an outcast in her hometown Ingolstadt. Born there in 1901, she was persona non grata in this Bavarian town until her death in 1974. The main reason: her drama "Pioneers in Ingolstadt", which was a great success in Berlin, but provoked a scandal in Ingolstadt.

Marieluise Fleißer was also a woman between men. Brecht, who helped her pieces get produced in Berlin, had a strong influence on her. She once wrote to Lion Feuchtwanger: "Brecht was always my dream and you, Feuchtwanger, always my reality." For her husband Josef Haindl, she worked as a saleslady in his tobacco-shop. In 1956 she asked Brecht to secure her a job and a pension in East Berlin.

Who was Marieluise Fleißer? This is what her sister Hilde Widmann, her nephew Klaus Gültig, her friend Emmi Böck and professor of literature Hiltrud Häntzschel speak about. Marieluise Fleißer herself gets a word in through interviews.

Writer: Fabian Feiner. Camera: Martin M. Müller. Sound: Josef Schmid. Editing: n/a. Music: n/a. Production: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München. Producer: Evi Stangassinger, Natalie v. Lambsdorff. Length: 42 min.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2003
GASTEIG Sa 3.5. 15.00