Germany 2014 – Director: Malte Wandel – Original language: Portuguese – Subtitles: German

It has already been almost 25 years, but since then the so-called Madgermanes have been holding demonstrations in Mosambique’s capital, Maputo. They want their money back; money that they earned in the 1980s as contract workers in the GDR. The Mozambican government withheld an estimated 100 million dollars of salary and social insurance transfers from Germany. Alongside their collective struggle against injustice, they are also united by their memories of the time in Germany.

Writer: Malte Wandel. Camera: Malte Wandel. Sound: Benjamin Pfohl. Editing: João da Costa Pinto. Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Producer: Christof Groos. Length: 53 min.

#Africa #Politics/Social Conflicts

Student Award 2015
  • Thursday
    HFF - Kino 1
    German subtitles