Germany 2019 – Director: Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss – Original language: Bulgarian, English, German – Subtitles: English – Length: 103 min.

We are all humans – a moving and visually impressive ‘heimat’ film that gives sex workers a voice and reveals the seething abyss under the surface of the German provincial idyll, without losing its belief in humanity.



On 22 March 2021, NDR, which co-produced LOVEMOBIL by Elke Lehrenkrauss, announced in a statement that the film contained "long parts of non-authentic scenes". It went on to say: "The central protagonists of the film are not who they claim to be." At the time of the screening, we did not have this information.
You can find a commentary by our festival director Daniel Sponsel on the "LOVEMOBIL case" in his article on Here he describes, among other things, why the question of authenticity in documentary film can lead to a dilemma, especially lately. To the article


Writer: Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss. Camera: Christoph Rohrscheidt. Sound: Elke Lehrenkrauss / Henrik Cordes. Editing: Elke Lehrenkrauss / Sven Kulik. Music: Dascha Dauenhauer. Production: Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss. Producer: Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss.

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