Germany 2019 – Director: Antje Drinnenberg – Original language: German – Subtitles: German – Length: 93 min.

In the boxing club of TSV 1860 München, Ali Cukur is both a coach and a father figure, who takes care of the young boxers, some of whom come from difficult backgrounds. With patience and a firm hand, he succeeds in showing them a positive outlook and in motivating them to carry on.

We present the world premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.

Writer: Antje Drinnenberg. Camera: Janis Willbold. Sound: Heiko Nickerl. Editing: Anya Schulz. Music: Saam Schlamminger, Rokia Traoré, Felix Laband, Philip Glass u.a.. Production: FirstHand Production und Bilderfest GmbH. Producer: Antje Drinnenberg, Marcus Uhl, Dietmar Lyssy. Co-Producers: Marcus Uhl und Dietmar Lyssy Bilderfest GmbH Adi Maislingerstr 9 81373 München

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