Deutschland 2006 – Director: Alice Agneskirchner – Original language: German – Subtitles: English


Alice Agneskirchner recalls that when she was a child her mother would try to get her to wear Dirndl dresses when all she wanted to do was climb trees. She remembers her mother as being an old-fashioned kind of woman. Thirty years ago, when Alice had just turned 11 years old, her mother died of a brain tumour. Now, older than her mother ever became, Alice Agneskirchner embarks on a filmic search for the mother she barely knew.

The filmmaker's journey takes her to meet her mother's former school friends; she goes to the Tegernsee, where her mother grew up in the 50s and to Munich, where she herself grew up in the 70s; she questions her father about the woman who got him to leave Canada for Germany. Before, all Alice had had was a child's perspective on her mother, but through her search she gets to know her as a woman in her own right. As she compares her mother's life to her own, she gains a new understanding of the values and beliefs that her mother held and a new perspective on her own life and upbringing.

English/Original Title: Dear Mum, I hardly knew you .... Writer: Alice Agneskirchner. Camera: Dieter Nothhaft. Sound: John Connolly. Editing: Hana Vogel. Music: Wolfgang Netzer. Production: Bayerisches Fernsehen. Producer: Bayerisches Fernsehen. Length: 90 min.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2007
  • Saturday
    German with English subtitles