France 2009 – Director: Claudine Bories – Co-Director: Patrice Chagnard – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

Hell is other people. Caroline and Colette work in a modest office somewhere in Paris. This is where families from all parts of the world go to in search of help, accommodation or something to eat. The two of them are different to each other - different in the way that they fight against the growing despair of the asylum seekers and the madness of bureaucracy - but they both display a similar devotion to their work. The film holds a mirror up to us, the residents of the Schengen countries and illustrates how great the despair of asylum seekers is. It is a little chamber play with big emotions and a haunting power. Hell is, in fact, ourselves.

English/Original Title: The Arrivals. Writer: Claudine Bories, Patrice Chagnard. Camera: Patrice Chagnard. Sound: Pierre Carrasco. Music: Pierre Carrasco, Ali Farka Touré. Production: Les Films d'Ici. Producer: x. Length: 111 min. International Sales: doc & film international.

DOK.international Main Competition 2010
  • Sunday
    Atelier 1
    French with English subtitles
  • Monday
    ARRI Kino
    French with English subtitels