Lebanon 2016 – Director: Avo Kaprealian – Original language: Arabic, Armenian, French, Spanish – Subtitles: English

For Aleppo’s Armenian population, the horror of the Syrian civil war brings back memories of the 1915 genocide. HOUSES WITHOUT DOORS documents how the war permeates everyday life and finds an echo in the terrors of Armenian film’s surreal visual worlds.

English/Original Title: MANAZIL BELA ABWAB. Writer: Avedis Kaprealian. Camera: Avedis Kaprealian. Sound: Avedis Kaprealian. Editing: Raya Yamisha. Music: Samer Saem Eldahr. Production: Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts. Producer: Mohammad Ali Atassi, Christin Luettich. Length: 90 min.

#Middle East #Festival in Exile: Syria

DOK.special 2016
  • Saturday
    Museum Fünf Kontinente
    English subtitles, Q&A with Avo Kaprealian