Switzerland 2012 – Director: Manuel von Stürler – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

Three donkeys, four dogs and 800 sheep – Pascal an experienced shepherd and his young companion, Carole, are driving their herd through the wintery highlands of French-speaking Switzerland. Their journey leads them through noisy streets, industrial zones and suburban estates, along railway lines, over vast fields and through creaking woods. This is a life that takes place exclusively outdoors in an ever-changing environment. Relief comes with conversations around the campfire and encounters with people who give them sanctuary. From their tough work in the freezing cold we can see the stresses and strains of their everyday life and at the same time the serenity they find. An ode to the archaic.
HIVER NOMADE, the director’s first film, uses pure observation to show the everyday life of his expressive protagonists. Gorgeous images and an impressive camera aesthetic allow a picture to emerge that takes us far beyond any romanticism around the life of a shepherd. Maren Bornemann

English/Original Title: Winter Nomads. Writer: Claude Muret and Manuel von Stürler. Camera: Camille Cottagnoud. Sound: Marc von Stürler. Editing: Karine Sudan. Music: Olivia Pedroli. Production: Louise Productions. Producer: Heinz Dill und Elisabeth Garbar. Length: 85 min.

DOK.panorama 2012
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    Rio 2
    French original with English subtitles
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    ARRI Kino
    French original with English subtitles