Deutschland 2004 – Director: Bettina Timm – Original language: Mandarin – Subtitles: German


Mr Zhu works in a Chinese Restaurant in Vienna. Having been re-settled under Mao's regime he seized the chance of a dream life in Europe. Sadly, ten years down the line, reality for him has become the daily grind of a life in a Chinese restaurant. He has no day off, no free time and little contact with the outside world and even if he did he speaks no German. Yet Mr Zhu lives and loves through his work. With the help of his wife and daughter he runs his restaurant and recounts his life story; from why he never learnt German to what makes him happy. In the kitchen he speaks to his clientele through his skill and precision work, be it carving meat or carrot roses, with the greatest of love and attention to detail. The dishes he prepares represent a culinary and sensory feast. But, for Mr Zhu the icing on the fortune cookie is that he is lucky enough in life to do the thing that he loves the most.

Writer: Bettina Timm. Camera: Alexander Riedel. Sound: Bettina Timm. Editing: Bettina Timm. Production: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München. Producer: Evi Stangassinger, Natalie Lambsdorff. Length: 21 min.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2005
  • Sunday
    Rio 1
    Mandarin, German subtitles
  • Saturday
    FFF Award, in German