Germany 2013 – Director: Moritz Siebert – Original language: English, German, Malayalam – Subtitles: English

The village with 400 inhabitants in Lower Franconia, viewed through the eyes of the Indian, Cyriac, appears to be highly unusual. There is no internet, instead there is just a pile of snow. Driving cars is strictly regulated and the people dance on the tables swaying from side to side. Cyriac is one of many temporary priests who, alongside learning a new language, must also learn how to write sermons and how to keep their parishes together – it is a tough undertaking! One of his many duties is to visit the sick, yet the loneliness among the elderly is another thing that appears strange to him. His outsider’s point of view raises many questions that are not just founded in a problem of mentality. A partly poetic, partly lonesome journey through brass bands, carnival, solitude and snow. Adele Kohout


 both screenings

English/Original Title: Harvest Hand. Writer: Moritz Siebert, Hanna Keller. Camera: Moritz Siebert. Sound: Florian Tippe. Editing: Moritz Siebert, Maja Tennstedt. Production: Moritz Siebert. Producer: Moritz Siebert. Length: 70 min. International Sales: Moritz Siebert.

DOK.deutsch 2013
  • Friday
    Atelier 1
    German/English/Malayalam with english subtitles
  • Monday
    City 3
    German/English/Malayalam with english subtitles