Deutschland 2002 – Director: Renate Eichmeier – Original language: German – Length: 43 min.

GASTEIG Sa 3.5. 15.00

Between November 1941 and June 1943, more than 2000 people were deported to Eastern Europe. Most of them were murdered; Herbert Mai, Fred Zeilberger and Max Ansbacher survived.

In 1945 Herbert and his friend Fred returned from the death camps to their destroyed home town. Two years later, at seventeen, they emigrated to the United States. Max Ansbacher, who is also from Würzburg moved to Israel right after the war.

In summer 2002 Herbert, Fred and Max revisit their former hometown, to talk about their childhood in the thirties. The camera accompanies them through downtown Würzburg. They had good times there with their families and friends, Jewish and gentile, until Nazi-terrorism made a normal life impossible. They were shut out, dispossessed, forced to move to so-called "Jew-houses". The final deportation to occupied Eastern Europe was disguised as an evacuation by the Gestapo. Their testimonies are anguishing; the Würzburg Gestapo's documents and the many photos are almost incredible.

Writer: Renate Eichmeier. Camera: Michael Hermann. Sound: Jan Ziegler. Editing: Sonja Wirsing. Production: Bayerischer Rundfunk. Producer: Studio Franken.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2003
GASTEIG Sa 3.5. 15.00