Germany 2007 – Director: Alexander Riedel – Original language: German

Valentina (16) and Suli (17) are best friends. They met some years ago in a refugee centre in suburban Munich. Valentina, her mom and her brother fled from the hot spot of Kosovo to Germany. To this day, their residence permit expires every two months, so Valentina has grown up in constant uncertainty. Suli's family was luckier: they arrived 9 years ago from north western China and were quickly recognised as political refugees. The girls spend a lot of time hanging around outdoors. The anonymity of the city gives them a feeling of freedom. Together with other girls, they stroll around metro stations, chat or play street soccer. Valentina – strong, self-confident and independent – is the leader of the girl gang. Things become serious when she is sent to a borstal for causing civil disorder. This is the story of two girls living in a so-called parallel society, a world of street slang, denials, self-confidence and strength. This is the story of individuals and their potential, far away from the usual statistics about underdogs.

English/Original Title: RUN OUT. Writer: Alexander Riedel. Camera: Martin Farkas. Sound: Philip Vogt. Editing: Ulrike Tortora, Gaby Kull-Neujahr. Music: Klaus Berger, Matthias Schneider-Hollek. Production: Pelle Film GbR. Producer: Bettina Timm. Length: 84 min. Distribution: Zorro Film GmbH.

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