Indien, Deutschland 2018 – Director: Franziska Schönenberger, Jay Subramanian – Original language: English, Tamil – Subtitles: English – Length: 86 min.

A photo of her husband in an open coffin – that is all that the widow Sundari has left. Baskaran, an Indian, went to Dubai as a construction worker and never came back. The film elevates Baskaran from the ranks of the anonymous army of Indian migrant workers, tells his story and gives him a face.




English/Original Title: SHADOWS OF THE DESERT. Writer: Franziska Schönenberger. Camera: Christopher Aoun. Sound: Andreas Goldbrunner. Editing: Robert Vakily. Music: Vedanth Bharadwaj, Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy. Production: Nominal Film. Producer: Maximilian Plettau.

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