Deutschland 2018 – Director: Benedikt Schwarzer – Original language: German – Subtitles: None – Length: 80 min.

Leo Wagner, the filmmaker’s grandfather, was one of the co-founders of the CSU (Christian Socialist Union) and is said to have later betrayed the party. An investigative search into the depths of family history and the highest circles of German politics brings the unexpected to light… An astonishing and very personal political drama.

English/Original Title: THE SECRETS OF HANDSOME LEO. German title: DIE GEHEIMNISSE DES SCHÖNEN LEO. Writer: Benedikt Schwarzer. Camera: Julian Krubasik. Sound: Philip Hutter. Editing: Natascha Cartolaro. Music: Alexander Maschke, Michael Lauterbach. Production: Lichtblick Film GmbH. Producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger.

DOK.deutsch Wettbewerb 2018