Germany 2012 – Director: Dirk Heth, Olaf Winkler – Original language: German – Subtitles: English – Length: 105 min.

“And then the market said: you are worth nothing; we don’t need you at all.”
We have all played our part in the corporate transaction of ‘market value versus revenue.’ But what happens when someone can’t offer their market value in exchange? Using the example of ‘citizen workers,’ whose work is funded rather than their unemployment, the film’s unusual aesthetic imagery plainly reflects the central problem within society: WORK. Almost incidentally the film inspires creative thinking – to find alternatives to the dominant performance and market-orientated spirit. Maybe there are things in life that are worth more than unlimited growth. Teresa Zeckau



English/Original Title: THE GREAT FALLACY. Writer: Olaf Winkler. Camera: Dirk Heth. Sound: Raimund von Scheibner. Editing: Dirk Heth, Olaf Winkler. Music: Melanie Barth, Wolfgang Adams. Production: contract 99 Filmrealisation Heth/Winkler GbR. Producer: Dirk Heth, Olaf Winkler. International Sales: keiner Distribution: keiner

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