Austria, Germany 2011 – Director: Bernhard Sallmann – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

A village through the ages. Ansfelden near Linz was an isolated place until a motorway was built right in front of it. In the middle of the village lies the filmmaker’s family farm, which was once a productive enterprise but today lies fallow. A personal chronicle of the farm’s decline also reveals the story of the village as a whole. During the Second World War the death march of concentration camp prisoners led through Ansfelden and on one of its fields a labour camp for prisoners of war was built. Never again would the field bear fruit.
Accompanying the film’s static and mostly deserted images of the place, a narrator recounts in a matter-of-fact tone the upheavals that have taken place in his homeland. Dunja Bialas

English/Original Title: The Bad Field. Camera: Bernhard Sallmann. Sound: Christoph Krüger, Tonmischung: Urs Hauck. Editing: Christoph Krüger. Production: FELD GbR Eisenberg/Sallmann. Producer: Julia Eisenberg. Length: 64 min.

DOK.deutsch Wettbewerb 2012
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    German original with English subtitles
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    German original with English subtitles