Germany 2011 – Director: Peter Ohlendorf – Original language: German

"Blood must flow intensely and we shit on the values of this Jewish republic." These lyrics come from a song that is often played at far-right rock concerts. “Thomas Kuban” is the pseudonym of the journalist who dared to attend over 40 of these concerts and filmed them with a hidden camera. Nazi salutes, anti-Semitic song texts and violent slogans are the order of the day. According to a study, right-wing extremism is Germany’s biggest youth movement. Music is used to recruit members and profits from merchandise and CD sales underpin the organisational structure. Thomas Kuban travelled around Europe for six years. Accompanied by the author and filmmaker, Peter Ohlendorf, he attempts to discover how the scene is constituted. A must-see film that has come into existence because for too long people have turned a blind eye! Eva Weinmann

English/Original Title: BLOOD MUST FLOW. Writer: Peter Ohlendorf. Camera: Thomas Kuban, Peter Ohlendorf. Production: Filmfaktum. Producer: Peter Ohlendorf. Length: 87 min. International Sales: Peter Ohlendorf / Filmfaktum

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