Deutschland 2017 – Director: David Spaeth – Original language: German – Subtitles: English – Length: 85 min.

As part of the management committee, Bastian substantially lined his own pockets from the kitty of a private Munich nursery. Starting out like a Robin Hood story, the film gradually leads us deep into the abyss of the life of a conman – accompanied by a choir of deceived parents. An intelligent film about trust and ignorance.

English/Original Title: FRAUD. Writer: David Spaeth. Camera: Sebastian Bäumler, Gunter Merz, Pascal Schmit, Christian Stangassinger u.a.. Sound: Clemens Becker, Tobias Laemmert, Bertin Molz, Andrew Mottl, Maximilian Nüchtern, Friedemann von Rechenberg. Editing: Georg Michael Fischer. Music: Axel Huber, Philipp Noll. Production: Eikon Media GmbH. Producer: Christian Drewing.

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