China 2011 – Director: Yu Guangyi – Original language: Chinese – Subtitles: English

In the desolate landscape of North East China, lumberjacks do the most arduous work in the bitter cold. San Liangzi is the only one of his colleagues who is still a bachelor. The women have moved away to more heavily populated areas. San is secretly in love with the owner of a country guesthouse. He helps her with work, sticks to her side and is “always at your service.” The landlady’s mother tries to convince her to marry him but she keeps him at a distance. San languishes and labours to win her heart. With an affectionate approach, director, Yu Guangyi, captures this story of emotions and at the same time tells of the big upheavals in modern China. Dunja Bialas

Writer: Yu Guangyi. Camera: Yu Guangyi, Yu Qiushi. Sound: Yu Guangy. Editing: Yu Guangyi, Yu Qiushi, Bao Wei. Production: Shanghai TV Documentary Channel. Producer: xxx. Length: 100 min. International Sales: Yu Guangyi

DOK.horizonte Competition – Cinema of Urgency 2012
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    Chinese original with English subtitles
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    Rio 2
    Chinese original with English subtitles