AT 2010 – Director: Andreas Horvath – Co-Director: Monika Muskala – Original language: Arabic, German

"I don’t question it any more; I accept it – as a challenge". For 28 years Barbara Wally ran the International Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg. The energetic 63-year-old is a staunch feminist and was, until she met her husband, an atheist. When she fell in love with Khadher, a Yemeni chauffeur, she converted to Islam and she lives today as his second wife in Sana’a. ARAB ATTRACTION questions her unusual change in direction and accompanies her and Khadher in Salzberg as well as in Yemen. Is her decision a confident expression of a well-nigh fateful love? Or is it a symptom of a midlife crisis and a doubting of feminist western paradigms?_ARAB ATTRACTION carries out a complex examination of our perception of women and our view of Islam.

Sound: Andreas Horwath, Mischa Rainer. Editing: Andreas Horwath. Music: Richard Wagner. Production: x. Producer: Andreas Horvath. Length: 118 min. International Sales: Autlook Filmsales.

DOK.deutsch Wettbewerb 2011
  • Sunday
    Atelier 2
    German and Arabic original with English subtitles
  • Monday
    ARRI Kino
    German and Arabic original with English subtitles