DE 2010 – Director: Yvonne Rüchel-Aebersold – German original version

Every fifth family in Germany is a single parent family – and the trend is growing. Unsurprisingly single parenting is mostly a women’s domain. Therefore it is not only about looking after the children but also about providing for the family. Everyday life for these women can be agonising and lonely. 32-year-old Sandra knows this well. She is unemployed and has a daughter. Her best friend is also called Sandra – she is also a single parent and has to make ends meet for herself and her two sons. Both women don’t just share the same name; they also live in the same house, wear the same clothes, share their money and their worries and look after their children together._A personal, emotional portrait of two women who have together taken control of their lives and struggle to survive.

English/Original Title: Bloodsisters. Camera: Thomas Beckmann. Editing: Georg M. Fischer. Music: Angela Oh, Axel Tenner. Production: HFF München. Producer: HFF München. Length: 57 min. International Sales: siehe Produzent


DE 2010 – Director: Franziska von Malsen – Diverse languages original with English subtitles

The circus carries us away into a world full of fantasy and magic. Hidden underneath this however is hard work and years of training. 120 young artistes apply each year to France’s renowned circus school Le Lido but only a few get through the entrance examination that lasts for several days. Itamar Glücksmann, an Israeli, is one of the talented acrobats who has applied. “Who am I?” is the question that Itamar has to answer in a short scene in the first aptitude test. It is a question that will follow him throughout the entire application process._This sensual observational documentary is not about the perfect circus act but about a search for identity and a readiness to work on oneself.

Writer: Franziska von Malsen. Camera: Franziska von Malsen. Sound: Franziska von Malsen. Editing: Franziska von Malsen. Music: -. Production: Franziska von Malsen. Producer: Franziska von Malsen. Length: 43 min.

  • Wednesday
  • 16:30
  • Filmmuseum