From Afrobeat to Voodoo Funk – by DJs Norton East and Sam the Afroman


DJs Norton East and Sam the Afroman will be spinning analogue and organic dance music – from Afrobeat to Voodoo Funk, as well as more unexpected musical excursions.


Ready to party?

Every film premiere needs a lavish after-party – and this year there are nine premieres on the programme at the Deutsches Theater! Of course, this must be celebrated in style. And it will be, at the feat Afrovisions in the festive ambience of the historic Silbersaal! This hall is a baroque gem with chandeliers and ceiling paintings, just made for a glamorous party. We look forward to celebrating, dancing and toasting with filmmakers from all over the world, guests from the documentary film scene and of course with you, our audience.

  • Doors open at 9 pm, with the on-site box office remaining open until midnight.
  • Advance-sale tickets are available here at a price of 10 euros.
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Information for accredited persons

You can obtain your free admission ticket via this link.

Tickets are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The validity of your complimentary ticket expires at 10.30 pm to also enable other guests to attend the event.


The DJs

Norton East and Sam the Afroman will be spinning analogue and organic dance music – from Afrobeat to Voodoo Funk, as well as more unexpected musical excursions.

#Sam the Afoman is a Munich based DJ, digger & collector, spinning analogue & organic dance music mainly from West Africa with a psychedelic vibe, ranging from afro funk, burger high-life, edo funk to afrobeat.


#Norton East is a DJ and collector, founding member of the Afrovisions-Collective. Spinning organic African dance music  from all over the continent, ranging from Nigerian Afrobeat, High-Life from Ghana, Voodoo Funk from Benin, Ethio-Jazz, Soweto Funk, Soul Makossa to organic dance grooves from Somalia & Sudan as well as some unexpected excursions.



we spin vinyl only, but keep an open mind



Afrobeat is a genre of music that originated in West Africa, particularly Nigeria, in the late 1960s. It combines elements of traditional African music, jazz, funk, highlife, and other genres to create a unique and energetic sound. The music is known for its complex rhythms, heavy use of percussion, and socially conscious lyrics.

The genre was pioneered by Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, who is widely regarded as the father of Afrobeat. He used his music to address social and political issues, often challenging the government and other institutions. Afrobeat songs typically feature extended instrumentals with a strong brass section, funky bass lines, and energetic drumming.

Today, Afrobeat has gained international popularity and influenced a wide range of artists and genres. It has also evolved into subgenres like Afrobeats (with an 's'), which has a more modern and electronic sound. While Afrobeat focuses on social and political themes, Afrobeats tends to have lighter, dance-oriented lyrics.

Highlife is a genre of music that originated in West Africa, specifically in Ghana, in the early 20th century and later spread to other countries like Nigeria. It is a fusion of traditional African rhythms and melodies with Western musical elements such as jazz, swing, and European brass band music. Highlife is known for its lively and upbeat tempo, intricate guitar work, brass sections, and multiple vocal harmonies.

Initially, Highlife was popular among the elite and played at social gatherings, clubs, and other formal events, hence the name "highlife." It gradually became more widespread, integrating influences from various African musical traditions, Caribbean calypso, and American jazz and swing music.

Highlife has a characteristic rhythmic pattern and typically features guitar or brass-driven instrumentation. Its lyrics can range from themes of love and relationships to social commentary and storytelling. Highlife has had a significant influence on other African music genres and has been a precursor to other styles like Afrobeat.

Voodoo Funk refers to a musical genre or style that blends elements of African music, primarily from West Africa, with elements of funk, soul, and psychedelia. This fusion results in a unique and vibrant sound that often features heavy grooves, prominent basslines, intense percussion, and psychedelic guitar riffs.

The genre is characterized by its energetic and rhythmic sound, which often includes complex percussion patterns, deep funk grooves, brass sections, and psychedelic guitar solos. In some cases, it incorporates spiritual or mystical themes, which is where the "Voodoo" aspect of the name might come into play, though it's important to note that this does not necessarily mean that the music is directly connected to the Voodoo religion or spiritual practices.

Voodoo Funk has gained popularity among collectors and enthusiasts of rare and obscure music, with various artists and bands being rediscovered and celebrated for their contributions to this distinctive style. It remains a niche but influential genre within the broader spectrum of African and funk music.


  • Sa., 04.05.24
    Deutsches Theater Silbersaal
  • Sa., 04.05.24
    Deutsches Theater Silbersaal