Filmfestivals – A Lobby for the Documentary Film Industry?

A discussion about the future of film festivals

The documentary film industry is undergoing a structural change. This disruption is based on the rise of digital technologies, a development that is now pushed forward by a global crisis that forces festivals to re-evaluate their role in the industry once again. Together with our network partners DocsBarcelona, MakeDox and FIPADOC we present our ideas for this future and invite industry experts to discuss the role and the responsibilities of festivals for the genre of creative documentary. 

Florina Vilgertshofer München
Adele Kohout, DOK.fest München

Denise Bucher, Filmjournalist
Maelle Guenegues, Cat&Docs
Sonja Heinen, European Film Promotion 
Marion Schmidt, Documentary Association of Europe


  • Mon, 05/10/21
Denise Bucher
(NZZ am Sonntag)
Maëlle Guenegues
Festivals & Acquisitions (CAT&Docs)

After working with various festivals, Maëlle moved into international distribution, first with Point du Jour and Doc&Co before launching CAT&Docs with Catherine Le Clef.
CAT &Docs distributes pertinent & impertinent docs on topical questions & timeless subjects; docs that are carefully researched, audacious, question the world & propose new ways of looking at it. Recent films include LIFE OF IVANNA, FLY SO FAR, ALL-IN, THE NEW GOSPEL, SILENT VOICE, THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE...

Sonja Heinen
Managing Director (European Film Promotion)
Adele Kohout
Deputy Director (DOK.fest München)
Marion Schmidt
Cultural Project Management (Documentary Association of Europe)

Marion is a freelance project manager and consultant for individuals and organisations. Marion is the co-director of the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) and co-founder of DOX BOX e.V., where she held several positions till April 2020 and was the project director of the international Documentary Convention 2018 & 2019. Marion is a consultant to the film department of DW Akademie, and has contributed her expertise to projects of the Goethe-Institut and elbarlament GmbH. Marion sits on the board of several organisations in the film world, and is part of initiatives that champion anti-racism, equality, fair working conditions and representation in the film and NGO sector, and the society at large.

Florina Vilgertshofer