SPACE DOGS – A Case Study on Editing for Documentary Filmmakers


Last but not least that’s how editing for documentaries can be described. The editing room is where all the pieces are put together, here the story fully evolves.To support filmmakers in this process, producer Iikka Vehkalahti and editor Menno Boerema launched Rough Cut Service (RCS), a consultancy service for filmmakers with a documentary in rough cut stage. Through RCS, filmmakers get detailed feedback, input and specific suggestions to improve their cut and finalize the film they envision. 

In this session the consultants Anne Fabini and Iikka Vehkalahti and the filmmakers Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter will give us insight on the editing and consulting process of their award winning Documentary SPACE DOGS.

Anne Fabini, Iikka Vehkalahti (Rough Cut Service)
Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter (Filmmakers)



Austria, Germany 2019, 91 Min.
Impressive archive material reveals the significance of Laika and the stray dogs of Moscow in the conquest of the universe. From their viewpoint, we accompany two dogs on their forays through Moscow’s streets. Poetic and occasionally brutal. Link to SPACE DOGS







presented by XPLR: Media in Bavaria

  • Sa., 09.05.20
  • Sa., 09.05.20
Anne Fabini

*Anne Fabini *is the editor of oscar-nominated documentary OF FATHERS AND
SONS (dir. Talal Derki, 2018) and Sundance World Documentary Grand Jury
Award winner RETURN TO HOMS (2014). Several features she edited
premiered in the Sundance Film Festival’s drama competition THE TALE
(dir. Jennifer Fox, 2018), MORRIS FROM AMERICA (dir: Chad Hartigan,
2016) and HOUSTON (dir: Bastian Günther, 2013). Based in Berlin, she
works as story consultant on documentaries worldwide. She is member of
both the American and the European Film Academy. Her work was repeatedly
nominated and awarded for Best Film Editing.

Elsa Kremser
Filmmaker (RAUMZEITFILM Produktion OG)

Elsa Kremser, born 1985 in Wolfsberg/Austria, studied Film Studies at the University of Vienna. At the Film Academy Ludwigburg she realised several documentary films as author and producer which were shown worldwide. Her diploma film NEBEL received an honourable mention from the Berlinale Perspektive. She was part of the jury of Visions du Réel, and completed the Nipkow and EuroDoc programs. In 2016 she founded RAUMZEITFILM Produktion in Vienna with Levin Peter. As a directing duo they are currently working on their first feature film DER GRÜNE WELLENSITTICH, which won the Berlinale Kompagnon Screenplay Prize.


Levin Peter
Filmmaker (RAUMZEITFILM Produktion OG)

Levin Peter, born 1985 in Jena/Germany, made several documentary movies during his studies at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg which were shown worldwide. His diploma film HINTER DEM SCHNEESTURM won the First Steps Award and was presented as a featured film at the Berlinale Perspektive. He was part of the jury of Visions du Réel and received the Nipkow and Gerd Ruge scholarships. In 2016 he founded the RAUMZEITFILM production in Vienna together with Elsa Kremser. As a directing duo they are currently working on their first feature film DER GRÜNE WELLENSITTICH, which won the Berlinale Kompagnon Screenplay Prize.  


IIkka Vehkalahti
Executive Producer (Rough Cut Service)

Executive Producer of IV Films and Rough Cut Service.

Former commissioning Editor for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE Documentaries.

Rough Cut Service ( worked already with more than 90 films from 30 countries, among them are winners of Sundance, IDFA and Berlinare.

Iikka Vehkalahti is also producing the new film of Rahul Jain, the director of Machines and working as a consultant with film makers from several countries.