Workshop for a Successful International Distribution


Today, documentaries are having a more diverse commercial potential than ever – internationally. But to be successful, you have to know when and how to sell your film: directly and/or via a sales intermediary. What is the difference between a sales agent, an aggregator or a national/international distributor? Which new marketing strategies must be defined and implemented by producers? Pauline Mazenod, expert in international distribution, is going to provide you with the necessary practical information, so you will be able to determine the best strategy for each of your projects at an early stage.

Speaker: Pauline Mazenod (Windrose)






presented by XPLR: Media in Bavaria

  • Saturday
  • 10:00
  • @home
Pauline Mazenod
Sales (Windrose)

Pauline Mazenod is Windrose's CEO, specialized in the international distribution of documentaries & performances. She lives between Paris, France where Windrose has its head office & Bavaria, Germany where her team is based. Holder of degrees in political science, music, arts & culture international management (master) and business administration (MBA), she has 20 years experience in the cultural & film sector in political and operational functions. She has an extensive experience of teaching and also acts as a consultant.