Playground Documentary


Playground Documentaries is a brand new format at carefully developed for our international Industry Guests. This years’ Playgrounds shed light on distribution of documentaries in many different ways. In an informal atmosphere, the speakers and audience will exchange ideas, talk about their projects and difficulties and concentrate on new possibilities and solutions. It aims on sharing experts insights and gives space for an active audience to create visions for documentary.

Free entry, please register here.

Session No. 3, 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Social impact campaigns for films becomes an urgent topic to talk about. Film markets demand impact strategies, funds add it to their application and outreach will soon become a surviving tool in the film industry.

By taking as a playground Shift Cinema, an initiative powered by a_BAHN that accompanies filmmakers in creating social impact campaigns for their films, Marion and Paula proposes you a debate on shifting boundaries between cinema, art and activism in cinematic projects with hybrid outreach campaigns. One selected project is analyzed in an interactive dialogue where the public becomes a strategic tool in taking the first steps for creating impact. The deadline to register with you project and get the chance to discuss it during the workshop is Mai, 1st, midnight.

Films have a great potential to become a connecting force that drives social change, get ready to train the audience’s “change-ability” muscle.



Please see here for details on Session No. 1 and Session No. 2

  • Sat, 05/05/18
    HFF - Seminarraum 2
Paula Onet
Film director

Paula is a documentary & new media filmmaker and social impact designer. After having her projects in renowned film festivals and art galleries, she felt there is a great content left out that can be explored through multimedia and creative distribution.
She joined a_BAHN team, well known for their innovative outreach campaigns, working together on their common dream: to bring more sense and meaning in the way films are consumed and valued.Therefore, Shift Cinema was born where Paula develops creative content & design for outreach campaigns.

Marion Guth
Cofounder of a_BAHN

Marion is the cofounder of a_BAHN, a documentary and fiction films production company based in Luxembourg and France, focusing on activists and citizen-driven content, such as wartime sexual violence, decommunisation in Ukraine or inter-generational community and society possible future.