Münchner Premieren

Munich is the hometown of the film makers whose works are collected in the Munich premiers. Much that is happening around us is not perceived or only partly seen. The Munich premiers take that into focus.


Deutschland 2017 – Director: Peter Heller – Original language: german

From the late 1970s, under the direction of Sigi Daiber, the Maxim, one of Munich’s oldest cinemas, became a stronghold of alternative film culture and played a part in the beginnings of DOK.fest Munich. When the end of the venue seemed to be inevitable, four cinema enthusiasts reinvented the Maxim.

German title: MAXIM LEBEN – EIN ALTES KINO ERZÄHLT. Writer: Peter Heller, Paul Krehan. Camera: Klaus Lautenbacher, Thomas Willke. Sound: Constantin Iandolino, Nicolas Schneider, Tobias Rehm. Editing: Wolfgang Grimmeisen. Production: Filmkraft. Producer: Peter Heller. Length: 99 min.

  • Monday
  • 17:00
  • City 3
  • including film talk with Peter Heller