BEST DOKS Award Winner Megaherz Student Award

“Human beings are human insofar as they bear witness to the inhuman.” This sentence by Giorgio Agamben indicates how the films in the programme of the Student Award are meant to be watched. The films portray bitter stories and moreover prove the feather light line, the personal and the peculiar side of life in the world that we live in.


Österreich 2017 – Director: Matthias Krepp Angelika Spangel – Original language: Arabic, English – Subtitles: German

In the torrent of images on the internet, the inconceivable atrocities from the wars in Syria and Iraq are also reflected. SAND UND BLUT puts together a collage of these videos and searches for the witnesses and the stories behind them – an essential film.

English/Original Title: SAND AND BLOOD. Editing: Matthias Krepp, Angelika Spangel. Production: Filmakademie Wien. Producer: Leni Gruber. Length: 90 min. International Sales: Filmotor s.r.o.

  • Sunday
  • 18:00
  • HFF - Kino 1