The film makers whose works have been collected in DOK.horizonte talk about countries undergoing transitions, about politics and about personal fates. They have not rarely been confronted with difficult production conditions and besides took financial and other risks. For us, their audience.


Brasilien 2018 – Director: Bolognesi Luiz – Original language: Portuguese – Subtitles: English


An old shaman in the Brazilian Amazon has become redundant since his followers became westernised and converted to Christianity. An accident occurs – and suddenly the traditions, the shaman and the spirits are in demand again.

English/Original Title: EX-PAJÉ. Writer: Luiz Bolognesi. Camera: Pedro J. Márquez. Sound: Rodrigo Macedo. Editing: Ricardo Farias. Production: Buriti Filmes, Gullane. Producer: Laís Bodanzky, Luiz Bolognesi / Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane. Length: 80 min. International Sales: Upside Distribution.

  • Friday
  • 19:00
  • Rio 2