The film makers whose works have been collected in DOK.horizonte talk about countries undergoing transitions, about politics and about personal fates. They have not rarely been confronted with difficult production conditions and besides took financial and other risks. For us, their audience.


Iran 2017 – Director: Hesam Eslami – including film talk with Hesam Eslami

Adolescence in Teheran – not so easy when you are a small-time criminal, the police are hot on your tail and your gang is falling apart. For six years the director follows his protagonist Eshan by day and night – out stealing and in court – until he finds a “new gang”: his own family.

English/Original Title: MOTAHAMIN DAYERE BISTOM. Writer: Nasim Marashi, Ehsan Lotfi. Camera: Mehdi Azadi. Sound: Hossein Ghorchian, Ahmad Afshar. Editing: Mehdi Jabinshenas. Production: DEFC. Producer: Hesam Eslami. Length: 73 min.

  • Thursday
  • 16:00
  • Carl-Amery-Saal, Gasteig