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Deutschland 2016 – Director: Marina Hufnagel Kristina Kilian – English subtitles

Filimbi, a group of young intellectuals, want to take Congo’s destiny into their own hands. The government reacts swiftly and arrests members of the movement. Some activists flee to exile in Belgium. A film about the difficulty of inducing political change.

Writer: Kristina Kilian und Marina Hufnagel. Camera: Lilli Pongratz. Sound: Kristina Kilian, Marina Hufnagel. Editing: Eva Hartmann. Music: Abdelbari Fannush, Christian Schneider. Production: HFF München, Punch Hole Films. Producer: Marina Hufnagel, Kristina Kilian. Length: 25 min. Distribution: HFF München, Punch Hole Films

  • Friday
  • 16:00
  • HFF - Kino 1