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International Conference – Day 2

What does it take to create a TV programme the audience wants to see? How to make sure that out of the huge amount of offers available, a documentary film will be picked?

From 4 to 5 May 2023, the international conference at DOK.fest München in partnership with Documentary Campus and Bayerischer Rundfunk will focus on the audience behavior and question how to attract – or say even “seduce” – the audience and to promote your programme.

Based on brand new European audiences research, we will analyze facts and figures in a session of strategic reflection, followed by an interactive working format to put knowledge into practice and create a toolkit for broadcasters and programmers.

We will also explore fresh perspectives through the lens of new technologies serving the broadcasting industries, discuss how to make the most of libraries, their relevance for the broadcasters as well as for emerging filmmakers, dissect monetization strategies for creators, and debate how to handle distribution and exploitation rights best in an ever changing media landscape.

The conference is curated and moderated by AC Coppens/THE CATALYSTS.

Join us in Munich, an international, creative hub, standing for the highest quality in content and connections at the!

Programme 4 May

9.00–17.00 Conference day 1

Programme 5 May

9.00–10.00 Panel: Is daring creativity in the way to a great audience success?
A constant struggle in film: commercial viability vs artistic integrity. Documentaries seem to be winning more awards recently, but does this actually guarantee success or increase their impact? How can we support emerging filmmakers and diverse voices in telling creative stories that push boundaries? And what is a creative documentary anyway?

Speaker: Paul Rieth, Marketing & Crowdfunding consultant, Audience Strategist and Film Producer; Anna Hints, Filmmaker (online); Mohamed Saïd Ouma, Filmmaker, DocA (Documentary Africa) Executive Director

10.00–11.00 Panel: All over the Channels - how to make your doc be seen tomorrow?
Experts in mediatheques, AVOD and FAST channels, and digital distribution share insights on how documentary filmmakers can navigate the crowded marketplace and find the right distribution for their films: channels and platforms currently prioritizing documentaries, the pivot to branded content and narrative features, and all the latest in distribution.

Speakers: Lara Sword, Little Dot Studios; Pola Nathusius, Distribution Strategist at ARD; Antoine Schmidt-Roy, CEO of Nikita Ventures

11.00–11.30 Coffee break

11.30–12.30 Ask Me Anything session: The future of monetization for creators, accessibility and rights
This is your chance to ask experts questions about the future of the creator's economy: from the first European movie ever funded by NFTs, to working with metadata to make the most of audiences, we will discover how the industry finds fresh ways to monetize.

Speakers: Jan Spielhoff, Head of Business Affairs FilmChain; Giorgia Aubrey, Director of Creators Kyra TV; Claudia Wolf, COO Metadata Jay (online); Miguel Faus, Filmmaker

12.30–12.45 Closing and Wrap up
Speaker: AC Coppens


The event will be held in English.

The event will be held on site.

  • Regular one day ticket: 30,00 euros
  • One day ticket for students: 15,00 euros

For EBU members and Marketplace accredited the entrance is free of charge.

Buy a ticket for 5 May.

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Giorgia Aubrey
(Self Employed)

Giorgia Aubrey is a freelance internet culture expert, content director and strategist. She has a background in talent management and connecting elite creators with premium brands. She is incredibly passionate about digital media, digital culture, creative design and technology.

Pola Nathusius
Distributionsstrategin (ARD Koordination Dokumentation)

Pola Sarah Nathusius is ARD Coordination Documentations distribution strategist as well as team lead conversion at the distribution management of Bayerischer Rundfunk. Previously, she set up the Audience Development department at the innovation and digital agency ida. Pola Sarah Nathusius worked for many years as an author, editor and presenter for ARD, ZDF and other nationwide media. As part of the Ernst Cramer & Teddy Kollek Fellowship, she worked at international television station i24News in Tel Aviv, Israel. She moved to Israel for another year after completing her “Volontariat” at Hessischer Rundfunk. Pola Nathusius studied Political Science and American Studies in Frankfurt am Main.

Antoine Schmidt-Roy
(Nikita Ventures)

Antoine Schmidt-Roy is an engineer of media technology and culture- and media manager. Between his both studies he worked in Brazil at TV GLOBO and the ZDF South America studio in Rio de Janeiro. After graduating from the Institute for Cultural and Media Management in Hamburg, he took over as Head of New Media at Studio Hamburg Distribution, where he has developed the commercial exploitation of ARD-productions via digital channels, e.g. by publishing them for the first time in the iTunes Store or within apps. In 2012 Antoine took over the position of CEO of Germany's Gold, a company founded by 17 leading companies in the German television and film industry (ZDF Enterprises, WDR Mediagroup, Beta, Brainpool etc.) with the goal to market 60 years of German television on a new VOD-platform. In January 2014, Antoine Schmidt-Roy founded Nikita Ventures.