Ina Borrmann

Programmer, author, moderator

Born in Freiberg/Saxony. After training as a nurse, she studied theatre studies and German Literature at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. This was followed by various jobs and internships at the theatre, in film productions and in advertising. She completed her studies at the Munich University of Television and Film, Department of Film and Television Drama, with a documentary essay. Since then, Ina Borrmann has been making radically personal or autobiographically inspired films. Various festival participations, nominations and awards. For many years she has worked in various fields for film distributors and festivals. She has been working for DOK.fest München since 2006.

She is a member of AG DOK, PRO QUOTE Film and the WerteAkademie Gut Gödelitz. Ina Borrmann lives and works in Berlin and has a son.